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Customs clearance

Customs clearance is mandatory for international cargo transportation. The procedure includes various preliminary operations: cargo delivery and the clearance itself that takes several stages:

  • acceptance, accounting and record of the customs declarations;
  • documents control (whether the goods code corresponds to the Foreign Economic Activity nomenclature and the country where such goods was manufactured; whether all the necessary measures of non-tariff control were observed));
  • currency control and control of the customs value calculation;
  • payment of all customs duties;
  • goods screening and release.

Novotrans Capital, LLC has long-term experience for customs clearance of imported cargoes delivered by sea, trucks and railway in Novorossiysk and Anapa.

Since 2002 Novotrans Capital, LLC is a customs broker and later - a customs representative specializing in customs clearance of the cargoes entering the ports of Novorossiysk.

We provide the following service:

  • correspondence of the packages of the necessary documents and certificates with customs;
  • sample taking and the necessary certifications for customs clearance of the cargoes;
  • assistance in custom clearance arrangements in the presence of the State Customs Inspector,
  • preparation of the Goods Declaration (GD) for application to the customs authority, customs clearance of exported cargoes.

Novotrans Capital, LLC provides services for arrangement of export operations:

  • delivery, loading, reloading of the customer's cargoes;
  • arrangement of transportation to the Customs Surveillance Zone;
  • further transportation for export.

Extended experience with the CIS countries: the Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and others enables to perform export operations within the optimal deadlines.

Arrangement for preliminary cargo screening by the customs service and customs guarantee in the form of seals of RF Customs Service.

Cargo handling according to the "export" mode with submission of the necessary documents to the customs authority confirming the cargo origin and its detailed description

Longstanding cooperation with the Novorossiysk Chamber of Commerce (NCC) ensures goodwill of our company and its aim at further effective cooperation and relationships. At the stage of export of the goods manufactured in Russia NCC confirms their origin.

Customer advice on optimal customs treatment of their cargoes. The professional managers would render the customers assistance to determine maximally profitable scheme of the cargo receipt and handling, provide alternative solutions for transportation.

Settling of all formalities as of non tariff control of Foreign Economic Activity (FEA)

Assistance and advice for dispute settlement with the customs authorities.

Selection of FEA goods nomenclature (GN), calculation and accruals of customs payments.

The Customs Declaration Department staffed with highly-skilled professionals would determine the FEA GNs, give advice on the customs payments. The specialists of the department are regularly trained for qualification, participate in the conferences and forums, track innovations and changes in the RF and Customs Union Customs Law.

Drafting of external economic contracts and transaction passports with respect of the customers' preferences.The company is involved in active external economic activity. For many years of operation in this area in many countries of the world long-term business connections have been established. Taking into account our long experience we render assistance in preparation of external economic contracts and transaction passports. Many customers prefer to leave this part of work to professionals confiding the long-term experience of Novotrans Capital, LLC.

Customs value assessment of the forwarded and received freights.

The documents necessary for customs clearance. The list of the documents necessary for this procedure mainly depends on the direction of the cargo movement (import or export), customs procedure selected, destination, conditions of transportation, mode of settlements among the participants, as well as on the cargo code according to FEA GN

The following package of documents is necessary for customs clearance of a lot of goods:

  • contract (exchange, sale-purchase, delivery, etc.)
  • invoice;
  • packing list and specification;
  • various waybill documents (for truck, air, railway transportation, etc.);
  • payment orders in RUB or other currency;
  • documents necessary to confirm customs value of the goods, passing currency control (insurance and shipping documents, price-lists, payment documents, transaction passport);
  • permits from various state authorities (e.g. license for the goods export or import (Ministry of Industrial Trade, Federal Service for Technical and Export Control), compliance declarations and certificates, etc.).